Arthritis Pain Relief

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Arthritis Pain Relief CD / MP3
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Hypnotherapy can help ease your arthritis pain!

How long has your arthritis pain kept you from enjoying your life to the fullest? What would you do if you could find relief from arthritis pains? Would you take a walk or work in the garden? Would you tackle a house project you’ve been putting off for some time? Is there a trip or adventure you yearn to take but your arthritis pain prevents you from even trying? Maybe you wouldn’t do anything at all. Maybe you just want an arthritis pain free moment of peace. You deserve it.

I know your arthritis pain seems like it will never go away. Sure, some days are better than others are, but the pain of arthritis always seems to creep back in doesn’t it? You’ve visited doctors and specialists and taken all sorts of medication, but it seems like the discomfort never really disappears completely. It’s beyond frustrating and can make you feel quite angry.

The same body that now ails you carries in it a secret ability to ease your suffering. You see, pain receptors in your brain are reacting to distress signals caused by your arthritis, but hypnotherapy can help to block those signals and change your experience. Hypnotherapy is a natural solution that can help you not only to relax deeply and relieve your symptoms, but also to change your actual physical perception of pain.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Feel stronger and more in control of your body!
  • Soothe stiffness and relieve your aches and pains!
  • Be able to move freely and enjoy physical activity!

Hypnotherapy isn’t a miracle cure or an instant fix for arthritis pain relief – and we won’t claim it can help everyone, because everyone is different. However, many emotional and physical problems originate in our minds at a deeper level, so it makes sense to direct any change work where the problem lies and where it is presently maintained.

Some people who suffer from arthritis may notice a ‘positive shift’ very quickly, while others notice change more progressively. This hypnotherapy session has been designed to help you carry out your ‘change work’ in a safe, comfortable manner.

Regular creative relaxation (self hypnosis) opens the ‘door to change’ and can influence the mind at much deeper levels. This arthritis pain relief hypnotherapy CD / MP3 includes visualization, suggestion, metaphor and advanced hypnotherapy techniques – all packaged safely to help support you in your change work.

Allow hypnotherapy to help ease your arthritis pain naturally!

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We have received the following feedback for Arthritis Pain Relief:

  1. I have used the ‘Arthritis Pain Relief’ hypnotherapy session every day since I purchased it and it has helped me enormously. It is so deeply relaxing but more importantly it has provided tremendous relief from my arthritis pain. I get other aches and pains but I started with this one because it’s the worst pain I experienced minute by minute, every day – the crippling feeling in my hands. The change has been unbelievable so next on my list is your pain management hypnotherapy audio, which I hope is just as effective. Thank you very much. 

    5 out of 5

    - Toronto, Canada

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