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Overcome Fears and Phobias

Overcome Fears and Phobias

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  • Voiced by Barrie St John
  • Uses advanced hypnotherapy
  • Deeply relaxing hypnotic music
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Live life free of fears and phobias with self hypnosis!

Everyone gets afraid from time to time. For some of us though, certain fears can dominate our thinking and control portions of our lives. The fear may have arisen as the result of a traumatic experience, or slowly crept into our lives over a period of time. It's even possible that the root cause or beginning of its existence is unknown to us, but the reality of it is present in our daily lives.

Whatever the reason, these fears or phobias can seriously impact the quality of your life. They may prevent you from activities that are common and difficult to avoid, keep you from developing close relationships with others, or possibly even leave you sheltered behind closed doors. Fears and phobias can overshadow all of life's pleasant moments and leave you feeling hopeless against them.

When we are faced with our biggest fears we experience tremendous anxiety. Our breathing becomes more rapid as our pulse quickens and our muscles tense up. We may try to shut out whatever it is by closing our eyes, running away or by hiding. Avoidance though, is the way in which most of us prefer to deal with our fears or phobias. We try just not to face it at all.

These are natural reactions to fear and reliable safety mechanisms used to keep us safe from harm. But sometimes the harm we envision is only perceived, not necessarily real. This doesn't always make our fears and phobias easier to face or their impacts any less genuine, but these types of fears and phobias can be conquered.

Imagine what it would be like to:

tickReplace your fears and phobias with confidence and calm!

tickBe comfortable in situations that you used to avoid!

tickEnjoy a more fulfilled and carefree life!

Hypnotherapy allows you to access the power of your creative unconscious (subconscious) and develop new ways of thinking and feeling. This self hypnosis / hypnotherapy CD or MP3 download session will take you on a relaxing journey in the safety of your own mind. You will be guided in visualization and envision yourself free of your fears and phobias. With the help of self hypnosis....

You can overcome your fears and phobias!

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Customer Testimonials

We have received the following feedback on this product:

I bought your fears & phobias hypnosis CD for my fear / phobia of rollercoasters. I would just like to say that I have just returned from a family holiday in Florida and did five rollercoasters! I have been before and didn't do a single rollercoaster. My husband and children were very impressed that I did these and so was I. The hypnosis CD helped me a lot - I found it very relaxing to listen too. Thank you so much. Beverley Allen - Devon, UK

I bought your fears and phobias hypnosis session (I ordered the download version) about a month ago. You didn’t have a recording for my phobia which was a fear of clowns or people on stilts (strange I know) so I got the general fears and phobias hypnosis session instead. It has been extremely effective. I can’t praise it highly enough. Eric Larsen - Vejle, Demark

Your hypnosis program has helped me to overcome my fear of insects and also my fear of snakes. That’s two for the price of one – you should really charge more for this title. It’s excellent. Rebecca Watts - London, UK

This helped me overcome my fear of snakes. I used to be terrified of a simple garter snake and it made me anxious when I went for walks. Thank you! I've also previously used your hypnosis CD for the fear of spiders, which also worked. I'm a convert to hypnosis and will be working on more of my phobias and other issues with your help. Hillary Cain - Brisbane, Australia

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