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Mind Body Healing CD / MP3
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Use hypnosis and let your mind help keep your body fit!

Have you been struggling with your health lately? Do you find that you get sick, only to get better, and then fall ill again? Do you lack energy or fight mid-day exhaustion on a regular basis? Maybe you are in okay general health, but desire a more fit and sound body and mind. The ability to fend off illness and achieve physical and emotional fitness is within your reach. Actually, it’s right inside your body.

The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Our brains are constantly communicating with our bodies. They tell our lungs to breathe, our heart to pump blood, our muscles to flex and relax, and how and when to do all these things. Most of the time we aren’t even aware that this is going on, since the mind is capable of doing this while simultaneously managing a multitude of other tasks.

But the brain is capable of so doing much more. Inside our mind is the power to heal and energise our bodies. So underused is this potential, that many of us doubt we have the ability at all. It is possible though. All you have to do is unlock the hidden potential of the incredible muscle that is your mind.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Feel stronger and more energetic every day!
  • Fend off illness without medication!
  • Become a more balanced and healthy person!

Hypnotherapy / self hypnosis is a form of creative relaxation that opens the untapped potential of our unconscious (subconscious) mind. Our conscious mind is what tends to all the daily tasks, while our unconscious minds provide the necessary mechanics to make it happen. By providing the unconscious mind the motivation and the tools to achieve the natural balance our bodies capable of, we can experience a healthier and happier existence.

This hypnosis CD / MP3 hypnosis download can help you recharge your batteries, feel calm and more connected to your inner self. Through repeated listening, your body and mind can begin to communicate more effectively resulting in increased immunity and physical performance. In addition, the relaxation techniques will help aid you in managing your stress and finding emotional balance.

Unlock the power of your mind and become physically and emotionally fit!

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We have received the following feedback for Mind Body Healing:

  1. I’ve only listened twice to Mind Body MP3 and the second time I went deeper than the first. I can feel the color roaming around my body searching for something to heal and spreading beautiful colored energy throughout my being. I just know my subconscious mind is working for me and healing all the weakened areas of my body and mind. I am so happy to be healed and I’ll keep coming back for more. Thank you Barrie, your voice is wonderful and thank you hypnoshop.com for making such a wonderful product.

    5 out of 5

    , Canada

  2. Received once again another fantastic hypnosis CD ‘Mind Body Healing’ and it really has done the job like all the other hypnosis CDs that I have bought from HypnoShop.

    5 out of 5

    - Manchester, UK

  3. In the past I have found myself unable to get properly relaxed, meditate or get hypnotized. It’s not that I ever resisted. I just had this problem when I tried to concentrate on something and let other thoughts go out. I’d tried all the techniques I knew for self-hypnosis, but none of them worked. But something just clicked when I started using your self-hypnosis downloads. It’s hard to explain as I’ve used products from other hypnosis websites but they never worked. I’ve already got 3 of your downloads; Mind Body Healing, Anxiety Release and General Health and Wellbeing, and I’ll be ordering many more.

    5 out of 5

    - Lake Mohawk, USA

  4. I have seen every medical doctor you can think of to try to seek traditional solutions to all the pains and sensitivities that I (used to) experience on a daily basis. After doing plenty of research I stumbled across your website and wow, how lucky was I? I’ve been using your hypnosis CDs for the past month and they have been an absolute godsend. My pain levels are vastly reduced and my anxiety has all but faded away. The turnaround has been extraordinary! Thank you!

    5 out of 5

    - Alabama, USA

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