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Overcome Drug Addiction

Overcome Drug Addiction

Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 Download

  • Voiced by Barrie St John
  • Uses advanced hypnotherapy
  • Deeply relaxing hypnotic music
  • A digitally mastered recording
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Hypnotherapy can help free you from drug addiction - feel healthy and happy again!

Are you struggling on a daily basis with the desire to use drugs? Have you lost your job, or hurt someone you love because of your habit? Is your health or well being in jeopardy? Have you tried to quit using drugs but find yourself unable to let go?

Maybe you started to use drugs just to have fun, or to fit in. Somewhere along the line you lost control and can't seem to get it back. You want to say no, but you keep finding yourself giving in to the drug again. For the time being it fills the void, but you dread the negative affect it will have on your mind and body later.

The guilt you carry only lowers your self-esteem and weakens your resolve. You feel physically, mentally and emotionally drained. But you can stop this cycle, starting today!

Believe it or not, within you is the strength you need to walk away from drugs forever. Your willpower is not lost; it's just hidden. Our unconscious (subconscious) mind guides us in all the decisions we make. This is why hypnosis can help you.

Hypnosis can help you tap into this part of your mind and rebuild your ability to make healthy decisions.

Imagine what it would be like to:

tickHave much more control of your mind and body!

tickHave more strength to choose a life without drugs!

tickFeel good about yourself and find more inner peace!

Self hypnosis empowers you to create change in a timeframe that is safe and suitable. Everyone responds differently to hypnosis, but this hypnotherapy CD / MP3 download has been designed to safely and comfortably guide you into a state of creative relaxation/hypnosis so you can begin to experience a new way of thinking and feeling.

Change comes from within you. The visualization, suggestion, metaphor and advanced hypnotherapy contained within this hypnotherapy for drug addiction CD / MP3 download will safely help support you in your change work. You can see yourself as you once were while using drugs and say goodbye to that part of you forever.

By listening to the hypnotherapy for drug addiction session we hope you can soon begin to feel a sense of pride as you encounter the new you - healthy, happy and drug-free.

Choose to help move yourself away from drug addiction by using self hypnosis / hypnotherapy today!

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We're so confident that you'll like this self hypnosis CD / download that we're willing to offer you a 90 day money back guarantee.

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Customer Testimonials

We have received the following feedback on this product:

With the help of your hypnosis CD for overcoming drug addiction I have been able to find the strength to overcome my addiction to drugs, in particular, cocaine. I have tried several times before but could never last longer than a few days. A good friend bought your hypnosis CD for me, and I was a little sceptical about hypnosis at first. I don’t quite know how it has worked, but I really do feel a difference inside. I’ve now been clean for nearly three months. Thank you so much. Simon Green – Aberdeen, Scotland

Your hypnosis download for drug addiction has been a great help to me. I am now totally off the drugs and I know that this has a lot to do with the regular listening of your drug addiction hypnosis download. So I’d like to say a big thank you to you and Barrie for producing such a great product. Please share my comments with anyone you want, as I think (I know) many people would benefit from this hypnosis download, just like I have. Ben Price - Bowie, Maryland, USA

I bought the overcome drugs hypnosis CD for my boyfriend. He didn't want to listen at first, saying it wouldn't work etc, but I persuaded him to read some of your articles and he gave it a go. He has now been clean for 2 months so we both owe you a massive thank you! Leslie Wolfe - East Cleveland, USA

I just wanted to say thank you. The overcoming drug addiction hypnosis session has saved my life. Frank Summers - Tipperary, Ireland

I used your hypnosis MP3 to quit cannabis, which I sometimes smoked and sometimes used with a vaporiser. I'm delighted because I'm an electrician and it means I will now pass the mandatory drugs test that my company is introducing soon. I also feel much healthier too, so thanks. Mr. Rodgers - Swansea, United Kingdom

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