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Becoming a non-smoker can be easier than you think, with hypnosis!

Perhaps you started smoking because you thought it was cool, or because everyone else was doing it. You didn’t really think of the effects that it would have on your health and well being or your wallet at the time, you just liked the high. Now you find that your addicted to smoking – an expensive and dangerous habit.

You know that smoking is bad for you. We could go on and on and tell you how bad smoking is for you and your health, but you probably know all the facts – so we won’t repeat them. It’s obvious that smoking seriously hampers your quality of life. We know that, you know that.

It’s our guess that you’re looking for a solution to your addiction to smoking. Maybe you’ve tried other methods already such a pills, patches and gum. Well the good news is that you now have the opportunity to help bring about permanent and lasting change, thanks to the power of hypnosis.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Have more money, more time, and a longer life!
  • Have much more strength to quit smoking and never go back!
  • Be a proud non-smoker and have less stress in your life!

Hypnosis is not a miracle cure for smoking. Everyone is different and responds differently. However, hypnosis can bring about change deep in your unconscious (subconscious) mind – the place where bad habits form, such as smoking. This is because, often, the urge to smoke is still felt at a deeper level – deeper than the conscious mind is aware of.

We consider hypnotherapy to be an excellent method of quitting smoking, but it doesn’t have to be exclusive. If you choose to use patches, pills, gum, etc and self hypnosis as part of the whole process – then that’s fine. Remember that hypnosis is a perfectly natural state and it allows your body and mind to relax and learn to let go of the grip nicotine has on your life, naturally.

The stop smoking NOW! hypnosis CD / MP3 hypnosis download has been designed to include visualization, suggestion, metaphor and advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques – all packaged safely to help support you in your change work.

You can stop smoking with the help of self hypnosis / hypnotherapy!

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We have received the following feedback for Stop Smoking NOW!:

  1. I just have to share this with you! The stop smoking hypnosis MP3 is brilliant. Up to two days ago I used to smoke up to 50 per day. Yesterday I had one cigarette and I almost threw up. Today, just now, with the first pull my whole mouth was filled with saliva and I actually did throw up. It was absolutely horrible and amazing at the same time. This is after 15 years of smoking. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    5 out of 5

    - Jacobsdal, South Africa

  2. We have awarded this stop smoking hypnosis CD / download with 5 Stars because its high-quality, expert driven, single session format is extremely effective and gets serious results.

    5 out of 5

  3. I got the stop smoking hypnosis download and I wish I had years ago. I am now happy and smoke free with no withdrawal symptoms or mood swings. Best thing I ever did for myself, so thank you for giving me my life back. I have told so many people about your website and will continue to do so.

    5 out of 5

    - Gauteng, South Africa

  4. I’d just like to say a quick thank you. I was a heavy smoker for 7 years, and using your hypnosis session I’ve been able to stop smoking, hopefully for good.

    5 out of 5

    - Leicester, UK

  5. I am very pleased with my stop smoking hypnosis CD. It has worked like a charm. I play it once in a while for reinforcement. It is also a fantastic sleep aid. It is very relaxing and puts me right to sleep after about 5 minutes. Interesting. Plus, I have become very fond of Barrie. He’s good.

    5 out of 5

    - Fort Myers, Florida, USA

  6. I’d like to let you know that I’ve been a non-smoker now for over three weeks. I am quite surprised how easy it has been to give up smoking, and I think this owes a lot to your brilliant hypnosis download.

    5 out of 5

    - Cork, Ireland

  7. For many years I have tried various methods of giving up smoking – none worked – then I tried your self hypnosis CD for 7 days. I found it very relaxing and coupled with the use of nicotine replacement products (patches and nasal spray) I succeeded for a continuous 7 months without any discomfort. Unfortunately, I have found that hypnosis needs to be topped up at regular intervals to last and this I did not do. I needed and still need to ‘quit the weed’ for health reasons and intend to recommence the self hypnosis course again in the very near future. Where I had failed before was a lack of resolve or in other words will power. By using the self hypnosis CD I found I was easily able to allow my subconscious to dictate whether I smoked or not, rather than use will power which I have in little resource. All in all I would thoroughly recommend the use of this self hypnosis treatment to give up smoking, provided you’re prepared to top up the hypnosis periodically.

    4 out of 5

    - Devon, UK

  8. I got very exceptional results from your stop smoking CD. I not only ended a 12+ year chain smoking habit, but I also met my future spouse after just about 4 weeks of following your hypnosis program. I wouldn’t have stood a chance if I still smoked. Thank you Barrie, you’re the best!

    5 out of 5

    - Salisbury, UK

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